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Ancillaries for Managerial Economics, 8th edition, James McGuigan, R. Charles Moyer, and Frederick Harris

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Instructor's Manual with Test Bank
The Instructor's Manual and Test Bank is prepared by the text authors, who have taken great care to ensure an error-free manual. The instructor's manual section contains suggested answers to the end-of-chapter cases and exercises, and the test bank contains a large collection of multiple choice, true/false, and numerical problems.
ISBN: 0-538-88108-9

Study Guide
The Study Guide, prepared by Richard D. Marcus of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, provides a valuable review of the text material through expanded chapter outlines, true/false questions, multiple choice questions, self-test problems and essay questions, and worked problems. Solutions are provided for all problems. In addition, Internet sources not in the text can be found at the end of each chapter, and a suggested Internet project is also offered.
Comprehensive Version ISBN: 0-538-88107-0

Download: Chapters 1 and 2 (Microsoft Word 6.0)

Transparency Masters
Transparency Masters reproduce the key tables and graphs from the text. These are easily converted into acetate transparencies or work well as handouts.
ISBN: 0-538-88678-1


McGuigan Economics Support Website
The text has its own support site--the McGuigan Economics Support Website. The site provides updates to the topics discussed in the text and to the addresses given in the Internet applications. Also available are a variety of teaching and learning resources. And if you have questions or comments about the book, share them through the "Talk to the Author" and "Guestbook" sections.

Thomson World Class Learning™ Testing Tools
All of the questions in the printed Test Banks are included in electronic form in this easy-to-use test creation software, compatible with Microsoft Windows. Thomson World Class Test enables users to add or edit questions, instructions, and answers; select questions by previewing the question on the screen; let the system select questions randomly; select questions by question number; view summaries of the test or the test-bank chapters; set up the page layout for tests; and print tests in a variety of formats. In addition, Thomson World Class Test enables instructors to create and administer tests and quizzes online, whether over the Internet, a local area network (LAN), or a wide area network (WAN).
ISBN: 0-538-88679-x

Economist's Toolkit Software
The Economist's ToolKit, developed by Robert Ritchey of Texas Tech University, performs regression analysis, forecasting, linear programming, and capital budgeting analyses. This software is usefult to help demonstrate key concepts in the course.
ISBN: forthcoming.

Download: Software and Installation Instructions (available September 1)

Foreprofit Software
The ForeProfit software, revised for this edition, was developed by Joseph Kreitzer of the University of St. Thomas. This DOS-based, free standing, user-friendly software provides on-screen help and user diagnostics. It can be used to solve problems in regression analysis, forecasting, linear programming, capital expenditure, and cost-benefit analysis.

Download: Software and Installation Instructions (available September 1)

Microsoft PowerPoint Transparency Masters
The PowerPoint Presentation package, prepared by Richard D. Marcus of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, provides lecture aids covering many of the most important topics from the text. It has been thoroughly revised and can be customized by instructors to meet their specific course needs. These transparency masters also make good review tools for students.
ISBN: 0-538-89-99-1

Download: Microsoft ® PowerPoint Version 4.0

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Economics Alive! CD-ROM-Interactive Study Guides
Willie Belton, Richard Cebula, John McLeod, all of the Georgia Institute of Technology, have created the Economics Alive! series of CD-ROMs, compatible with Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. These CD-ROMs provide the high tech, high fun way to teach and learn economics. Interactive lessons, graphing tools, and simulations are combined to bring microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts to life. To learn more about these CD-ROMs, visit the Economics Alive! Web Site.
Microeconomics Alive! CD-ROM ISBN: 0-538-84650-X
Macroeconomics Alive! CD-ROM ISBN: 0-538-86850-3

Online Course Creation and Delivery Systems
South-Western College Publishing now makes taking your course online as easy as typing. Adopters of Macroeconomics can use Thomson World Class Learning(tm) to create an online course, or a website for your traditional course. Visit the South-Western Economics Resource Center, or contact your ITP/South-Western sales representative, to learn more about these exciting tools.

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